Short Shifter Volvo 850 S / C / V70

  • Short Shifter Volvo 850 S / C / V70

Shorten your shifter's throw by up to 50% and experience more accurate, crisper shifts by installing our short shift kit. The kit features a plate milled from aircraft-grade aluminum and includes stainless steel mounting hardware. The plate mounts on the stock shifter bracket (on top of the transmission).

The short shift plate comes with 3 positions that adjust the front-to-back position of the shift knob. This allows you to personalize the location of the shift knob. It can be set centered, slightly forward (for a longer reach), or slightly back (for a shorter reach). There are also two positions to shorten the throw; short or even shorter. This is the perfect low-cost modification to maximize the enjoyment of your standard transmission. You can install this kit with hand tools and a drill. Installation typically takes 1.5 hours.


* Designed for Volvo's front wheels drive m56l, m56h and m59 transmissions.
* 1993-97 Volvo 850 with 5 speed manual transmission.

Item number: SNASTK85022
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