PLX Kiwi MPG Fuel Efficiency Meter

  • PLX Kiwi MPG Fuel Efficiency Meter
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This PLX device can help you drive more efficiently. PLX's Kiwi MPG fuel efficiency meter connects to your vehicle's onboard diagnostic port, and sends information to a small LED display that you mount on your dash. You can connect the Kiwi MPG to any 1996-up vehicle for instant readouts on your fuel consumption, trip average MPG, fuel used, fuel remaining, engine RPMs, coolant temperature, and other specs. The package includes the LED display and a 6-foot cable that attaches to your OBDII port. Start your car and the Kiwi MPG swings into action, sending you the info you want. You'll find yourself driving more efficiently, saving money on gas and lowering your carbon footprint. When you shut off your car, the Kiwi goes into low-power standby mode, ready for the next trip. Here's another big plus — no more expensive trips to the dealership to reset the "Check Engine" light. When your engine light goes on, the Kiwi MPG gives you the engine code so you know what's wrong, and allows you to reset the engine light. The Kiwi MPG offers MPG gauges, basic engine sensors, check engine scan tool, and a trip computer. With this instrument, you know what is wrong with your car before the guys at the shop.

Item number: PLX579MPG
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