Nivomat Conversion Sachs Gas - Volvo 700 / 900 1983-94

  • Nivomat Conversion Sachs Gas - Volvo 700 / 900  1983-94

For the Volvo 760 models, 780 and 940 SE sedans (1983 to 1994) equipped with a self leveling independent rear suspension known as the Nivomat system. This system uses a sporty shock and spring combination to maintain ride height even when the car is fully loaded. When the shocks fail, the rear of the car will begin to sag noticeably even when it is unloaded. Nivomat shocks are expensive from the dealer, so we have developed this economical kit that converts the rear suspension to a conventional shock-and-spring set-up. Our conversion kit with specially modified shocks and custom springs is less than the cost of a single Nivomat from your dealer in many cases and our kits will provide better handling and ride quality. Kits include two Sachs Turbo Gas shocks and springs for mounting in the stock locations with no need for modification. Professional installation recommended as the springs in the independent rear suspension can be difficult to remove. This kit can save you a good bit of money compared with the cost of two new Nivomat shocks from your dealer.

Item number: IPD109629
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