Power Steering Treatment

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  • Power Steering Treatment
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Forté Power Steering Treatment supplements the additive pack of the power steering fluid and keeps the system free of lacquer deposits.

Forté Power Steering Treatment offers the following benefits:
• Uniform support of the power steering resulting in smoother operation.
• Prevents foam building (noises) and increases thermal and oxidation stability.
• Protects against corrosion.
• Reduces formation of sludge and lacquer deposits.
• Extends the life of power steering.
• Prevents leakage by conditioning of rubber seals and sealing rings.
• Optimises the performance of the power steering fluid.

Forté Power Steering Treatment is compatible with all power steering fluids recommended and/or permitted by manufacturers (incl. ATF), which are suitable for power steering systems and meet the following specifications: General Motors; Dexron® III; Ford Mercon; Daimler Benz Sheet 236.2 and 236.6; Allison C3 and C4.

Forté Power Steering Treatment is also applicable in front forks of motorcycles, to prevent foam build up and to condition the sealing rings, so that leakage of the fork oil is prevented.

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