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Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment is specially formulated to enhance the lubricating and protective properties of ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid), while ensuring that changing gears is a smooth process.

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment offers the following benefits:
• Improves syncing with manual gearboxes.
• Extends the life and reduces wear in transmissions and hydraulic systems.
• Protects transmissions and hydraulic systems against corrosion.
• Suppresses CVT noises and vibrations.
• Maintains the viscosity of the liquid in a wide temperature range.
• Reconditions and prevents leakage of rubber gaskets and seals of
automatic and manual transmissions, CVTs and differentials.
• Dissolves lacquer deposits and prevents foaming.

Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment is ideal for hydro pneumatic suspension systems with LHM and Continuously Variable Transmissions.*
* Cannot be used in systems with LDS (Citroën).

Added to engine oil, Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment prevents foaming and lacquer deposits in camshaft adjustment valves and hydraulic tappets.

Item number: FOR01004
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