IPD Billet Acorn Nut

  • IPD Billet Acorn Nut
  • IPD Billet Acorn Nut

Ipd’s billet aluminum acorn nuts are a great way to enhance the appearance of your Volvo.  If you pay attention to the fine details of your car, you’ll notice that the grungy stock acorn nuts securing the license plates deteriorate the exterior styling of your Swedish coach! 

These acorn nuts utilize aircraft grade billet aluminum finalized with a high quality anodize dip.  We offer these in various colors ensuring they’ll hold their brilliant finish even when exposed to harsh exterior elements. 

The ipd billet aluminum acorn nut incorporates the same 10mm hex head with a 6mm internal thread found standard on all license plate frames, cam cover bolts on 240/740/940 4 cylinder engines, and 2004-2007 S60R / V70R fuel rail cover.

Item number: IPD12160X
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