Alloy Bolt Sparkplugcover Volvo 1991-

  • Alloy Bolt Sparkplugcover Volvo 1991-

IPD’s billet aluminum bolts offer a quick and easy way to enhance the appearance of your spark plug cover. The hi-tech aluminum finish really coordinates well with other additions you might have already installed. The factory bolts chip and strip making your spark plug cover look a little rough after a few maintenance intervals. 

Our spark plug cover bolts utilize a 5mm allen head so they’re less likely to strip. Anodizing provides a clean long lasting finish that protects against corrosion. Upgrade the looks of your engine compartment with ipd’s anodized spark plug cover bolts.  These bolts also work in other locations like fuel rail covers on most 2001- Volvo cars.

Priced a piece and available in silver of blue anodised.

Item number: IPD120704
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