HD Viton Oil Cap Seal

  • HD Viton Oil Cap Seal

Heavy Duty oil cap seal from IPD. Made from high-tech Viton F material. If you cant' seem to keep the top of your motor clean and you've already done your PCV system service this seal may just be what you're looking for. Stock seals seem to need replacement after every oil change but ipd's Viton seal is made to outlast the factory piece and keep your engine bay clean. Be sure to let your Volvo technician know that you are running an ipd HD Viton oil cap seal so they don't needlessly replace it with the short lived stock seal. The stock seals fail so quickly that most Volvo technicians have learned to replace them at every oil change to prevent leaks but that is no longer necessary with the ipd HD Viton seal!

Item number: IPD115315
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