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Forté Cooling System Flush is a complex mixture, which removes rust and scale from the cooling system, thereby cleaning the metal surfaces and re-enabling heat transfer.

Forté Cooling System Flush offers the following benefits:
• Removes deposits of scale and corrosion from the cooling system.
• Restores the heat transfer capacity of the cooling system.
• A clean cooling system ensures a lower thermal load of the engine oil.
• Restores the required operating temperature and the engine will perform at
   its optimum.
• Reduces the risk of clogging of heater radiators and problems related to
• Prevents adverse effects of mixing unknown coolant types.

Forté Cooling System Flush is compatible with all antifreeze and coolant formulas. Forté recommends cleaning the cooling system at least once a year. To support the additive pack of the new coolant, Forté recommends adding Forté Cooling System Conditioner.

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