IPD Rear Overload Springs - Volvo 850 & S/V/C70 Classic

  • IPD Rear Overload Springs - Volvo 850 & S/V/C70 Classic

IPD Rear Overload Springs for the Volvo 850 & S/V/C70 Classic series. It is not uncommon to see the front wheel drive models sagging in the back just like previous rear wheel drive models. That doesn’t even cover what happens when you add some passengers and rear cargo to the equation. It is easy to overlook the deterioration in ride quality and control from the rear spring failure. It happens so gradually that we adapt our senses to the continual wallowing. The difference is more than noticeable after installation of overload coils to restore the control and ride attitude. There is no modification required for install of the coils, but it’s best to have some coil compressors. Keep in mind that these are a bit stiffer than original equipment.(approximately 20%) These can also be used to increase the load capacity on cars that have no noticeable sag. If you’re looking to restore the rear end of your Volvo to factory ride height, the ipd overload coils will do the trick!


These springs only fit Front Wheel Drive models that are not equipped with Nivomat shocks. 

Item number: IPD120080
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