Adjustable Rear Toe Rods Volvo S60 / V70N / S80 / XC70 / XC90

  • Adjustable Rear Toe Rods Volvo S60 / V70N / S80 / XC70 / XC90
  • Adjustable Rear Toe Rods Volvo S60 / V70N / S80 / XC70 / XC90

It has been common for the S60, V70N, S80, XC70 and XC90 to struggle with rear tire wear, particularly when the car has been lowered. The problem? The four link suspension has unequal length arms, causing the toe/thrust and camber alignment to be progressively  different as the car travels through its range of motion. Many tuners have pointed to the camber as the wear issue on the car, but we have found the toe (or thrust) to be a far greater contributor to the destruction of your precious Z rated tires.

Many alignment shops will not even check the rear toe of a vehicle unless it is specifically requested. Even when they do check, the elliptical adjustment on the factory link has very limited movement. This is compounded by the non-adjustability of camber on the rear wheels to make your tires squeal with fear (and friction).

Spot checking the cars in our lot showed toe figures that would be considered outrageous if applied to the front wheels. Many of the cars had rear toe issues that were visible to the naked eye. While changing to adjustable toe rods seems extreme on the surface, the installation is so much easier than the alternatives that it becomes the practical option. A fresh alignment after installation produces results that put a smile on your face and keep your tire money in your wallet.

Mild steel brackets with a  6061 T6 aluminum rod that is anodized before powder coating for additional finish durability. Plus, you can never really get enough cool blue parts under your car. Your friends will admire the look and you will know that you are actually saving money.

Item number: IPD121589
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