Front Controlarm Polyurethane Bushing Kit - Volvo 700 / 900

  • Front Controlarm Polyurethane Bushing Kit - Volvo 700 / 900

The Volvo 700 and 900 series models suffer from an inherent front suspension problem related to the cone-shaped control arm stay bushings. As the bushing weakens, it allows the lower strut assembly and wheel to move a considerable amount, altering the front-end alignment. This allows the strut assembly to shudder under brake loads and decreases handling stability. Over the years, we’ve experimented with several different polyurethane formulations in this bushing and have developed a good replacement that improves the performance and life expectancy without adding undue harshness or vibration.

Our kits include everything you need to put an end to squeak and clunkproblems and provide improved response to steering and brake inputs. This kit covers all the front end bushings except the sway bar bushings and includes the most commonly failed bushings in our upgraded, longer lasting polyurethane versions.

Item number: IPD105526
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