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Forté Radiator Stop Leak is used to seal hair cracks and pores in the radiators and cooling of the engine.

Forté Radiator Stop Leak offers the following benefits:
• Prevents coolant leaks through hair cracks and pores in the cooling system.
• Effects emergency cooling system repairs to prevent coolant loss and
• Makes long trips possible without expensive repairs or loss of time if cooling system
  leaks should occur.
• Lorry drivers can return home because they are able to perform emergency repairs to a
  leaking cooling system on their way. This reduces unnecessary and costly

Forté recommends always carrying Forté Radiator Stop Leak in motor vehicles as a remedy for essential emergency repairs. Forté Radiator Stop Leak is compatible with all antifreeze and glycol based coolant formulas, ‘fill for life' and OAT (Organic Acid Technology) cooling liquids.

Item number: FOR05217
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