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Forté Petrol Saver is a fuel system cleaner specially designed to meet the needs of consumers to save fuel.

Forté Petrol Saver offers the following advantages:
• Cleans the fuel system.
• Cleans the lambda probe thus improving the air/fuel mixture.
• Improves the engine power and throttle response.
• Reduces uncombusted fuel particulates in the emissions (hydrocarbons, HCs).
• Reduces fuel consumption.
• Restores the efficiency to the level as designed by the manufacturer.

Forté Petrol Saver is specially formulated for car owners who are looking for an opportunity to drive more economically and thus save on car expenses, which, as a result of increasing fuel prices, continue to increase.

Forté Petrol Saver is added to the fuel tank to clean the entire fuel system and to lubricate the parts of the system. This means optimal use is made of every drop of fuel.

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