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Forté Fuel System Cleaner cleans the fuel system in all places where the fuel is liquid, e.g. up to and including the injectors.

Forté Fuel System Cleaner offers the following benefits:
• Cleans the fuel tank, fuel pomp and the complete injection system.
• Restores spray patterns by cleaning the injectors.
• Improves mixture preparation by faster and correct reaction from the ECU.
• Dissolves tar, lacquer and resin in the entire fuel system.
• Stabilises the unleaded fuels mixed with alcohol.
• Neutralises acids generated due to oxidation of the fuel.
• Improves operation of both the lambda probe and the catalyst.
• Optimises fuel consumption and improves engine performance.

Forté Fuel System Cleaner is compatible with all types of petrol, up to E10. Forté Fuel System Cleaner must be used regularly at service intervals, and when symptoms indicate that treatment is necessary.

Combustion residues such as carbon and soot particles, caused by an incorrect injection pattern can be removed by the application of Forté Gas Treatment to the fuel tank.

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