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Forté Seal Conditioner is a synthetic maintenance product which reconditions rubber, restoring the elastic properties of seals which have shrunk and hardened and extending their useful life.

Forté Seal Conditioner offers the following benefits:
• Reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoke due to poorly sealing valve seals.
• Reduces oil leakage along seals in a great number of automotive and
  industrial applications.
• Reconditions rubber seals, O-rings and sealing rings, and restores the optimal
  performance if this has decreased, as in hydraulic cylinders.
• Prevents foaming in the fluid.

One of the main causes of burning oil and exhaust smoke in car engines is the hardening of valve seals, causing them to no longer seal sufficiently. This leads to an increased oil
                     leakage between the valve stem and the valve guide, eventually resulting in more oil,
                     which is difficult to burn, ending up in the combustion chambers. This leakage can
                     be undone by adding Forté Seal Conditioner to the engine oil.

For manual gear boxes and differential gears, Forté recommends using Forté Automatic Transmission Treatment and Forté Diff & Gear Treatment instead of Forté Seal Conditioner.

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