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Forté Oil Fortifier results in an extended engine life far beyond the point in time where great repairs or overhaul would normally be necessary. Many test kilometres in a large number of engines have demonstrated this.

Forté Oil Fortifier offers the following benefits:
• Reduces oil consumption in engines showing signs of wear.
• Reduces exhaust smoke due to an improved seal of the piston rings.
• Increases the compression end pressures.
• Increases the oil-pressure for a better protection of the moving parts.
• Reduces the ticking of the tappets at high oil temperature.
• Slows down engine wear and extends engine life.
• Neutralises crankcase acids.
• Restores the performance of lazy engines.

Forté Oil Fortifier is compatible with all types of engine oil with classification and specifications in accordance with ACEA, API, JASO and individual car manufacturers. Forté Oil Fortifier does not contain substances and has no consequences on account of which the engine manufacturer's warranty may be declared void.

Forté Oil Fortifier is used after the application of Forté Motor Flush in combination with Forté Top End Treatment. Forté advises the use of Forté Oil Fortifier for engines with an odometer reading over 150,000 km and engines showing signs of wear, such as oil consumption, exhaust smoke and diminished engine performance.

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