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Forté Motor Flush is used for the internal cleaning of the engine.

Forté Motor Flush offers the following benefits:
• Cleans and lubricates the internal engine.
• Removes black and white sludge and gummed oil from the engine crankcase.
• Neutralises the acidity of the residual engine oil.
• Prevents that a part of the additive pack from the new oil is used up too quickly.
• Cleans cylinder walls, piston rings and piston ring grooves, and prevents oil consumption.
• Stabilises the compression end pressures and the cylinder charge.
• Cleans hydraulic tappets and systems for cam timing adjustment.
• Reduces the internal soiling through the EGR and crankcase ventilation system.
• Reduces soot load of soot filters in diesel engines.
                     • Optimises fuel consumption and engine performance.

The lubrication capacity of Forté Motor Flush will be maintained during the cleaning procedure. Forté Motor Flush is always used in combination with Forté Top End Treatment. Forté Top End Treatment is applied after the treatment with Forté Motor Flush, and has a conditioning effect. This keeps the engine internally clean, for a maximum and lasting protection.

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