Skid Plate Volvo 240 / 260

  • Skid Plate Volvo 240 / 260

Aluminium skid plate from IPD for all Volvo 240 and 260 models. These skidplates are made of hydro-cut aluminum plate, over 1/8th inch thick. Lightweight aluminum construction is over 10 lbs. lighter than our original steel version and installs in about 1/2 hour with common hand tools. Easy to install!

Pot holes, poor road conditions, even loose debris like rocks and sticks, can cause fatal damage to your oil pan. With a skid plate under your car, you'll have an extra layer of protection.

Some early models (75-80) have a welded tow hook at the passenger side front. This can interfere with the installation of skid plate, but can be overcome by simply using a few washers and a longer bolt in this location.

Item number: IPD106365
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