IPD Sport Exhaust System - Volvo 850 & S/V/C70 Turbo 1994-98

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  • IPD Sport Exhaust System - Volvo 850 & S/V/C70 Turbo  1994-98
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Complete Sportexhaust System from IPD for the Volvo 850 and S/V/C70 Turbo models from 1994-98 (AWD excluded). This turbo back exhaust system provides the most bang for your buck as performance upgrades go. Our system includes the downpipe as well as high flow catalytic convertor, resonator mid section, rear muffler section, Ipd signature exhaust tip and all the clamps and fasteners you'll need for a seamless upgrade.

Our free flowing system allows your engine to breath easier and build more power at an earlier RPM. This means the turbo can spool up sooner and add power to the midrange where you can really use it. Made from T409 stainless steel this system will provide long lasting performance while looking good all the while. High quality V-band clamps ensure leak free operation and superior constructions means easy install for you.


Not sure which turboback system fits your car?

Volvo used three different styles of turbocharger outlets in their models from 1994-2000. They were angle flange, straight flange, and conical flange. We do not currently offer conical flange outlet systems at this time however only a few models were equipped with the conical outlet. Fortunately all the turbo exhaust housings are interchangeable so if you do have a conical flange turbo you can change your turbo outlet housing to either a straight or angle flange and then use the correpsonding Ipd turboback system.

The following information should be used as a guide only as the parts your vehicle was initially equipped could have been changed out at some point. Our recommendation is to check your vehicle to be sure you select the right part as these components are large and can be costly to reship if the wrong part is selected. See the IPD video for on vehicle examples of straight and angle flanges for further clarification.

Conical outlet flange (not available)
(94-95 850 turbo, 95 850 T5-R)

Straight outlet flange
(96-97 850 R, T5 and GLT, 98 model S70 R, T5, And GLT)

Angled outlet flange
(All cars 99+ except AWD)

NOTE: Does NOT fit right hand drive models.

Item number: IPD11419X
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