Anti Sway Bar Kit - Volvo Amazon 122 / P1800

  • Anti Sway Bar Kit - Volvo Amazon 122 / P1800

IPD anti-sway barkit for the Volvo 122 sedan and P1800 from modelyears 1966-70 with the 2,5" axletube. These swaybars bring you a greater sense of control behind the wheel. Flatter cornering, quicker response to steering input, an increased margin of safety, plus increased traveling comfort for both you and your passengers. Most kits can be installed with common hand tools in 2-4 hours. On 1962-1966 models, our saddle bracket is different and will require mods to the body (covered in the front bar instructions). All kits come with the necessary brackets and bushings in polyurethane.

Item number: IPD100978
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