Rear Anti Sway Bar - Volvo P3 Series

  • Rear Anti Sway Bar - Volvo P3 Series

With every new model from Volvo the handling gets better and better, but manufacturers must leave a little on the table in regards to anti sway bar stiffness to accommodate owners that live in regions of the world which have unusually rough road conditions. This leaves us an opportunity to improve the handling for those of us that live where there is pavement! It’s not really quite that dramatic, but that is the basic situation that prevents manufacturers form installing larger diameter performance oriented anti sway bars on their vehicles.

Later model Volvos were equipped with a moderately sized 21mm rear anti sway bar in the US market. These models handle fairly well, but that doesn't mean Volvo didn't leave any room on the table for improvement. These vehicles still tend to have a fair amount of body roll when cornering. Lots of body roll can make some drivers and passengers uncomfortable and even car sick in some situations, plus it’s not the most confidence inspiring feeling!

Ipd safety anti sway bars have long been our most popular selling product and they are what we are known for worldwide.

To develop the best all around configuration for these models we worked with local customers as well as with our own test vehicles and staff to develop a bar that reduces body roll to more performance oriented levels while providing good compliance for everyday driving. We tested several different diameters and ended up with 25mm size as the best all around performer.

We are also pleased to share that this rear bar is very easy to install and should take less than an hour for most shops and experienced do it yourselfers with common hand tools!

Item number: IPD115783
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