Adjustable Panhard Rod - Volvo 240 / 260

  • Adjustable Panhard Rod - Volvo 240 / 260

Adjustable panhard rod for the Volvo 200-series, these help to line up the rear axle in the middle of the car and improve the handling with one simple upgrade.

The ipd adjustable panhard rod uses powder coated chromoly steel tubing and heavy duty polyurethane bushings to provide long life and increased performance in hard cornering situations. When you raise or lower your Volvo, the panhard rod will push the rear axle off to one side, offsetting the centerline of the driveshaft, and causing rear alignment problems. The offset is not by much, usually around 1/2”- 3/4” (when lowering your car), but this small amount can cause a number of problems including increased tire wear, bushing wear, and uneven handling.

With the ipd adjustable panhard rod, you can re-center your rear axle in about 20 minutes with a jack and some end wrenches. Another advantage is the heavy-duty poly bushings, which have much less deflection, and will help keep the rear more centered and planted around corners. If you are putting ipd lowering springs and swaybars on, or installing rear overload springs, then top off the package with an ipd adjustable panhard rod.

Item number: IPD109613
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