Adjustable Torque Rods - Volvo 240 / 260

  • Adjustable Torque Rods - Volvo 240 / 260

Adjustable torque rods for the Volvo 200-series, these help to change the pinion angle of the differential in relation to the driveshaft. This can be useful for vehicles that suffer from improper working angles in the driveshaft. This type of misalignment can cause the driveshaft to shudder on heavy acceleration or when downshifting. Adjustable torque rods are the perfect fix for any car that has been converted to a one piece driveshaft. Heavy duty units come complete with polyurethane bushings and adjustable ends that provide 0.050 inch length change with each half rotation. Features a blue powercoating for a rust proof finish.

Item number: IPD109772
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